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Operational Guidelines


The Nominating Committee is responsible for identifying potential candidates for nomination and election for FONE Board membership.

The Committee will consist of five (5) members representative of the (5) geographical areas as defined in the Regulations.  The Chair shall be the immediate past President of FONE, if an active member, who has served the majority of the elected term.  If the immediate past President is not qualified to serve, the most recent past President to qualify shall serve as Chair.  The Committee Chair shall appoint with approval of the Board of Directors, the remaining 4 members.

OPERATIONS: The Committee shall obtain a current membership list of the active members as of March 1st and send a call for nominations to each active members, which shall include:
  1. List of offices to be filled in the next election
  2. Instructions as to procedure and deadline for filing names for nominations.
  3. Provide proposed ballots to Chapter Presidents for solicitation of candidates from their regional memberships.
  4. Obtain all required documentation as determined by the nominating committee from each candidate
  5. Prepare the election ballot containing at least one candidate for office.
  6. Send electronic ballot no later than sixty (60) days prior to the annual business meeting
  7. Tabulate ballots and present results to the Board and membership.

MEETING FREQUENCY: The Committee meets monthly via conference call when developing and reviewing the slate of candidates who have been recommended for nomination.  
The elections are conducted every year as follows:
Even-numbered years:
  1. President-Elect
  2. Secretary
  3. Treasurer
  4. ;Director II
  5. Director IV
Odd-numbered years:
  1. Director I
  2. Director III
  3. Director V
MEMBERSHIP: By appointment from (5) geographical regions.